What is dCalls?

We are here to provide you access to the whole world.

Hey there! dCalls’s on speaker! Haven’t heard of us yet? It’s time to fix this :)

It’s really common for us to use regular cellphones to make calls and just a few years ago, we had nothing to complain about. However, times change…

What has happened is that we’re at the beginning of a new era of web3 community. Web3 has become a catch-all term for the vision of a new, better internet. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization are fundamental principles of what we’re striving for. Also, web3 values security, privacy, and high speed of data processing and transferring.

Cellular service is losing its ground as we’ve concentrated our whole life on the Internet: starting from online chatting and video calls, and ending with creating metaverses.

For all the above, it’s no more enough to make calls within your country, and more frequently, we face the problem of reaching other corners of the globe. Once, we had VoIP, invented in 1989 and used only by call centers. But was it available to ordinary mortals like us? Definitely, no!

From now on in dCalls we can use the internet, make calls and receive SMS across the world!

Why should you start using dCalls?

The reason is that dCalls provide everything we appreciate and need as modern users:

Privacy at the Core

Remember that web3 is about security and privacy? That’s precisely what dCalls provides. With data encrypted with your public key, your communications and a private key stay private to you (we recommend using the Metamask crypto wallet (desktop version) ⇒ it’s guaranteed to encrypt data).

Simple and quick Web3 Authorization

It’s always tiresome to use many logins, passwords, and emails that are easily hacked. For web3 authorization, all you need is your crypto wallet and its public key. You can log in through Coinbase (an exchange and a wallet) and WalletConnect (a protocol that supports different wallets). When using the latter, take your phone to scan the QR code or choose a wallet on a desktop.

Make & receive calls from your browser

For instance, you have to make a call abroad. Often, if you use your mobile phone and cellular service, the call will be costly in contrast to using dCalls for that. You can also receive calls and SMS, if, for example, you’re logging to the foreign website that accepts only national phone numbers. And all of this is done in one click!

Renting virtual numbers

With dCalls you can rent a virtual number for the desired period. Moreover, when choosing the number, you have an opportunity to pick not only a country but also a number of its region/state/city!

Buying eSIM with mobile internet

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical SIM. In dCalls you can choose a country and tariff plan.

Paying with cryptocurrency

All transactions and payments are made with your crypto, which is convenient and secure!


dCalls provides two plans: basic (free) and premium. A premium subscription is flexible and gives a 20% discount on calls and rental of virtual numbers, and provides access to change the outgoing number (Caller ID) and voice change. You can buy it even for a day, if you need to make many calls on this day. Subscriptions are also available for a month and a year. Choose the one that suits you better :)

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