How to Get a Number

With dCalls you can easily acquire any number worldwide!

Once you've connected your wallet and topped up the balance, you can purchase your first virtual number! You will be able to receive phone calls and SMS to that number.

Follow the steps below to get one 👇

  1. Open the 'Virtual number' section;

  2. Navigate to the 'Add number' tab;

  3. Choose the type of a virtual number: Voice or Voice + SMS;

  4. Pick the country that suits you best -> Select the State/City -> Choose the number;

  5. Select for how many months you'd like to rent that number;

  6. Hit Pay.

That's it! You can now find your number in the 'My Numbers' tab.

Please note that each purchased virtual number is automatically renewed. Keep enough funds on your balance to auto-renew your number.

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