Installing eSIM Manually (Huawei)

You can only download the

eSIM profile once! Please do not remove the eSIM from your device settings until you are done using it.

You cannot restore a deleted eSIM profile.

Internet is required to install eSIM. Connect to Wi-Fi or use the mobile Internet of the primary SIM card.

To manually install eSIM on Huawei, you need to know the following:

  1. SM-DP;

  2. Address Activation Code.

Please follow the activation instructions below 👇

  1. Open «eSIM» → «My eSIM» → select purchased eSIM and click on Actions (...) → «Profile eSIM»;

  1. Copy data from the eSIM profile;

  2. On your Huawei device, open «Settings» → «Mobile network» → «SIM card management» → «Add eSIM card» → «+Add eSIM card» → «Enter manually» → paste «SM-DP+ Address» and «Activation Code» into the appropriate fields.

  3. Wait for the eSIM to register on the network. This usually takes less than a minute.

  4. Turn on your device's «Data Roaming» mode for this SIM card. «Settings» → «Mobile Network» → «Mobile Data» → turn on Data roaming.

  5. That's it! You've installed eSIM!

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