Installing Cryptowallet

To log in to your dCalls account you need to connect a crypto wallet.

Authentication with a crypto wallet is one of the most secure methods. And dCalls are about security and privacy.

You can use any crypto wallet supporting the WalletConnect protocol. Here you can find the full list of apps supporting that protocol. We recommend the following:

If you're reading that article, it might mean you're not very crypto-savvy just yet. No worries! We'll help you get started!

For the sake of the example (and because we love it), we will use Metamask wallet:

  1. Open the Metamask wallet website:;

  2. It'll automatically detect what browser you're using and offer you to download an extension for it. Do it by clicking the 'Download for...' button on the main page:

  3. Once installed, you'll need to log in to an existing one or create a new one. You probably don't have a crypto wallet, so you'll need to pick the latter:

  4. Create a password, check out a short video created by the Metamask team and write down a Secret Recovery Phrase. WARNING: Never disclose your Secret Recovery Phrase. Anyone with this phrase can take your Ether forever. Save the phrase in multiple secure places!

  5. Welcome to your new wallet!

Now you will need to add crypto to your crypto wallet, connect it to your dCalls account and top up the balance to access the Web3 Calls!

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