Why do I need to connect my wallet?

Using the WalletConnect protocol we provide you with one of the most secured authentication methods.

Like most of the web community, you might have grown tired of the login-password credentials that should be different for every website and app. Otherwise, it's not secure. Yes, password managers like Enpass and 1Pass have been making it easier to bear, but if you (god forbid) forget the master password – you're practically doomed.

That's why the web community started using the 'Register with Facebook/Twitter/Google/etc.' options. This way, you have to click one button, and you're in! (We presume you've already authenticated into one of those.)

But all these accounts get hacked or even blocked from time to time. That's why the Web3 community came up with the idea of authentication via your crypto wallet. And since you're holding private keys from your wallet, no one can block and prevent you from entering other apps.

Connecting your crypto wallet to dCalls account is an authentication and identification method only. You do not expose your private key, so your wallet is secured.

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