Referral Program

Note! Earn with us!

The two-level system is built in such a way that rewards are accrued from the 1st level - personal invitations and from the 2nd level as well - invitations from those invited by you.

What does this system give you? β€” The ability to receive passive income from your referrals on an ongoing basis. You can withdraw rewards to your balance or to your crypto wallet (BTC, USDC).

Btw, hurry up and take your welcome bonus! It’s available for 8 hours straight after you log into dCalls. But your wallet balance must be greater than 0.1 ETH.

dCalls is a user-friendly, fast and safe service for your calls that keeps up with the times. It values the contribution of each user and is ready to reward them for active actions. Try it and you won’t regret. Good luck!

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